Where To Find Us For Online Workwear Sales

There are so many channels out there for online workwear sales; It’s impossible to cover them all both financially and more importantly from the point of physically keeping them all up to date! So it’s about time we had a bit of rationalisation!

Online Workwear- A Change of Direction

We have traded on eBay for the last eight & a half years with the store “Stitch & Print” run by publicimagedesigner, Where we have succesfully qualified for both the Top Rated Seller & Power Seller programmes.

eBay identity publicimagedesigner eBay identity publicimagedesigner

8 years ago there were 2 UK based companies really active on there, But in recent years the increase in the number of hobbyist & home workers using eBay as an outlet for all manner of products – including workwear, has soared. Some popular search terms have over 300,000 products listed & maintaining visibility is nigh on impossible.

eBay feedback for our online workwear transactions from our old eBay shop

eBay feedback screenshot demonstrating our commitment to a high quality online buying experience for our Cumbria, North West, Borders and wider UK customers.

We’ve always been about service & quality – Over 4000 transactions (1714 actual feedback reports) with 100% positive based on quality, Accurate descriptions, dispatch time & communication; With us you get what you’re expecting, When you’re expecting it!

Making Sure Our Online Workwear Service Keeps its Quality For Our Valued Customers

But unfortunately the cost of running both our own site, Where we can show you in more detail what you can produce, Where you can design your own decoration, along side the restrictive eBay store listing format isn’t sustainable. So we’ve made the decision – We’ll be running down the listings we have on eBay & be replacing them with a lot wider range of properly set up online workwear designs & part designed garments on our own site via   http://www.stitchandprint.co.uk/shop?pn=1 Update Feb 2016 our online workwear shop can be found at http://www.stitchandprint.co.uk/

The BIG benefit is that quantity discounts are built in to that channel, Buy more, Save more!

Buyer Benefits From Our Newly Configured Online Shop

If you’re an existing customer we can pre load your design onto the system so you can add it to any garment we have listed & make your purchase there & then. Previous purchases then save as layouts for you to re-pick when you need a new batch making everything a lot simpler. If you’d like to give it a go then call us & we’ll load your logo on there straight away.

Want to give our new online workwear system a go? Then to help you on your way use code WELCOME10 at checkout & you’ll receive a 10% discount on your purchases, valid up till 30th September 2013.