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Where To Find Us For Online Workwear Sales

There are so many channels out there for online workwear sales; It’s impossible to cover them all both financially and more importantly from the point of physically keeping them all up to date! So it’s about time we had a bit of rationalisation!

Online Workwear- A Change of Direction

We have traded on eBay for the last eight & a half years with the store “Stitch & Print” run by publicimagedesigner, Where we have succesfully qualified for both the Top Rated Seller & Power Seller programmes.

eBay identity publicimagedesigner eBay identity publicimagedesigner

8 years ago there were 2 UK based companies really active on there, But in recent years the increase in the number of hobbyist & home workers using eBay as an outlet for all manner of products – including workwear, has soared. Some popular search terms have over 300,000 products listed & maintaining visibility is nigh on impossible.

eBay feedback for our online workwear transactions from our old eBay shop

eBay feedback screenshot demonstrating our commitment to a high quality online buying experience for our Cumbria, North West, Borders and wider UK customers.

We’ve always been about service & quality – Over 4000 transactions (1714 actual feedback reports) with 100% positive based on quality, Accurate descriptions, dispatch time & communication; With us you get what you’re expecting, When you’re expecting it!

Making Sure Our Online Workwear Service Keeps its Quality For Our Valued Customers

But unfortunately the cost of running both our own site, Where we can show you in more detail what you can produce, Where you can design your own decoration, along side the restrictive eBay store listing format isn’t sustainable. So we’ve made the decision – We’ll be running down the listings we have on eBay & be replacing them with a lot wider range of properly set up online workwear designs & part designed garments on our own site via   http://www.stitchandprint.co.uk/shop?pn=1 Update Feb 2016 our online workwear shop can be found at http://www.stitchandprint.co.uk/

The BIG benefit is that quantity discounts are built in to that channel, Buy more, Save more!

Buyer Benefits From Our Newly Configured Online Shop

If you’re an existing customer we can pre load your design onto the system so you can add it to any garment we have listed & make your purchase there & then. Previous purchases then save as layouts for you to re-pick when you need a new batch making everything a lot simpler. If you’d like to give it a go then call us & we’ll load your logo on there straight away.

Want to give our new online workwear system a go? Then to help you on your way use code WELCOME10 at checkout & you’ll receive a 10% discount on your purchases, valid up till 30th September 2013.

T-Shirt Printing – Everyone Wants It, We Do More Than Most!

GD05 yellow t-shirt plain ready for printing

A simple t-shirt provides a brilliant canvas to print your creative message on!

T-shirt printing gives one of the most popular and versatile garments in the world a whole new lease of life. With Cumbria based Stitch & Print’s expert embroidery and print services the t-shirt is even more versatile. We have a huge range of colours, styles & fabrics available which you can see in our web brochure.


T-shirts – A brief history

The T-shirt evolved from undergarments used in the 19th century and became very popular with the US Navy, due to it’s lightweight and comfortable fit. Over time it became more and more popular as a bottom layer with workmen in various industries such as agriculture.

P1000291 Halloween T-Shirt printing. Designs printed on a spooky black base T

Halloween T-Shirt designs printed on a spooky black base are always popular with the kids.

One of the more recent developments, t-shirt printing, has seen legions of wearers using them as a medium for self-expression and advertising. Stitch & Print can help you become part of this trend with our expertise in garment printing and embroidery.



T-Shirt Printing  for Branded Workwear

HV71 Orange Hi vis T-Shirt. Printing can also put your branding on basic safety wear.Stitch & Print can help to make your workforce look smart by adding your company branding, logo and staff names to one of our range of work-friendly t-shirts. Russell Workwear are skilled in providing functional and practical work apparel, including 100% cotton t-shirts with double layer shoulder panels for added durability. These shirts are available in a range of colours to suit your company. T Shirt printing or embroidery can be applied in a number of areas giving your brand an added degree of self expression.

We can also custom print high-visibility t-shirts in four ultra-bright colours, particularly useful for walkers, cyclists and people working in low light or hazardous environments.

A T Shirt Style For Everyone – Before We Print It!

K732 Bella Canvas Deep V-neck T-Shirt womens short sleeve in PinkStylish and fashionable t-shirts aren’t exclusive to the high street shops, and Stitch & Print have a range of t-shirt styles in stock that is second to none. You can choose from B&C, Fruit of the Loom and Gildan V-neck t-shirts in black white and many colours in-between.

For a really ‘on trend’ look you could opt for the Bella Canvas Deep V-neck, which is a very popular choice for young men. Skinnifitmen offer a long sleeved t-shirt manufactured with a blend of cotton and elastane, to give it a slim and modern fit.

We have baseball style t-shirts by Kariban, which are available in over ten contrasting sleeve and torso colour combinations. Most of the t-shirts in our catalogue are available in the usual wide range of sizes, from XS to XXL.

Those looking for a particular colour will be pleased to know that the Gildan Ultra Cotton t-shirt is available in over 60 colours, including ANSI/ISEA certified safety colours. We can customise whichever colour you choose, from serene green to cherry red!

Stitch & Print can also print and embroider a variety of female fitting t-shirts, including the Okarma 100% GOTS and Control Union certified cotton t-shirt for a soft and comfortable feel. More unconventional women’s styles are also available, such as the Longine and Flowy t-shirts perfect to wear with leggings, provided by Skinnifit and Bella Canvas.

Expert T-Shirt Customisation From Cumbria’s Favourite!

Stitch & Print offer a range of the latest T-shirt printing and embroidery options to enable you to create the perfect branded t-shirt for your purpose at work or purely for fun and leisure.  Our team of specially trained staff complete all work in-house using the best T shirt printing machines and tools in the business. If you would like an instant quote, or have a special request, please contact us at office@stitchandprint.co.uk

On Yer Bike! Sports Tops & Summer Activities

saturn yellow bike jersey

SR118 bike jersey

Now I know it doesn’t seem like it today in North Cumbria, but Summer, whilst not quite here, is on it’s way! We’ve had Snowdrops, the Daffodils are out & it’s time to get yourself out & about to make the most of the opportunities our warmer weather brings!

Stitch & Print have a wide range of Sports wear; Rugby, Cricket, Football, Netball, Hockey but there’s a wider range out there suitable for the Gym, Running & Athletics as well as Biking.

Sports Tops Alert! The Sun’s Coming Out!

For The Bikers

Large range of sports tops including jersey style cycling tops.

Jersey style sports tops suitable for cycling

Biking, be it on the road, track or mountain has really hit the headlines over the last couple of years! Britain & British Cyclists have been tasting Tour De France as well as Olympic & World championship success. It’s sparked a surge in popularity of sports tops that work well on the sweaty body of the typical bike nut! At Stitch & print we have a range of shirts & Jackets suitable for both team & individual personalisation, perfect if you’re planning on trying your hand (well, legs really!) at one of the many cyclo-sportives being run around the country.

For the Athletes

SR176F ladies enhanced high visibility running vest T

enhanced high visibility running T shirt

If biking isn’t your thing, or maybe it’s only part of what you do you might like to take a look at our range of athletics vests & t-Shirts. Available in both unisex & ladies styles & fits we’ve a wide range of options & colour schemes.

The Spiro range shown has co-ordinated shirts & jackets that will make your sports tops look professional even if you’re only doing casual fitness work.

For the Gymnasts & the Raquet players

black & orange sports vest suitable for gym workouts

K963 athletic vest

If it’s in the Gym or Squash court where you want to look smart while you do your thing look closer! We’ve a great range of sports tops & shorts incorporating all the latest advances in fabrics to make you as comfortable as possible so you can concentrate on your workout without being hindered or feeling clammy!. Take a look at the brochure on our website.