Promotional Soft Toys for Marketing Cumbria Businesses

We don’t just supply workwear & clothing you know. At Stitch & Print we pride ourselves on being able to customise a huge range of promotional material, objects and products. As part of this we even stock a range of gorgeous promotional soft toys that can be printed or embroidered for business use or personalised gifts. The full range of promotional soft toys, bears and other items is available in our web brochure.

If you would like to find out more about how the soft toys can be customised, or would like an instant quote, either call us at our Cumbria shop or use the contact form from our website.

The First Teddy Bear

MM24 promotional teddy bear: Roosevelt's Marketing Legacy

Supersized Teddy Bear. Classic Promotional Soft Toys

Teddy bears are named after former US president Theodore Rosevelt who had the nickname Teddy. On a bear-hunting trip in 1902 Roosevelt refused to shoot a bear, declaring it unsportsmanlike. This was widely publicised in the papers and the incident was the topic of a political cartoon in The Washington Post.

Morris Michtom saw the cartoon and was inspired to create a little stuffed bear cub, initially called ‘Teddy’s Bear’ and put it in his shop window after getting permission to do so of Roosevelt. The idea took off and the Teddy bear was born!

Promotional Soft Toys For Everyone!

Mm13 a range of promotional soft toys

Soft toys in various styles

Stitch & Print can customise over 25 different soft toys for promotional purposes, with many different sizes, animals, and colours to choose from. Mumbles produce a range of 34cm high animals including Daisy Cow – with pink furry ears and soft brown horns.

The range also includes Ellie Elephant – with soft large ears and a curly trunk, and Rufus Dog with floppy ears and matching button nose and paws.

Teddies with hoodies that can be embroidered or printed with your desired text or badges are available in medium and large sizes and small keyring bears can even be customised.

Soft toys designed for children all comply fully with EN71 European Toy Safety Regulations, putting your mind at ease. High visibility vested teddies, capped elephants and dogs with bandanas can all be customised, and they would make the perfect mascot for your sports team or work place!

MM19 A different style of soft toy for a gift!

MM19 childs lamb comforter

Our soft toys are supplied by Mumbles, experts in the promotional soft toys industry who comply fully with all safety standards who have years of experience in producing soft toys that are ideal for embroidery and printing.

So whether it’s a batch of soft toys as promotional give-aways or a personalised gift for a new born baby we’ve got a range of items to ensure you get what you’re looking for.