Stitch & Print Washed up on New Wigton Shores!

Well the rain has been & gone & we’ve washed up on new shores, Here are the new premises for Stitch & Print!

Stitch & Print's new premises after the floods: 51 High Street, Wigton, Cumbria CA7 9NJ

Home sweet home. Stitch & Print’s new premises on the High Street in Wigton. Hopefully high enough to be out of the reach of floodwater in the future!

Following our recent experience with flooding we have had to bring our relocation forward a bit! Well, quite a bit really! We were in the process of buying new premises in Wigton town centre. We intended to move in during August 2013, after all the building work, decorating & fitting had been undertaken. It was planned as a stress free relocation where we’d be able to put things in place & play around with the layout before opening to the public. But as usual the best laid plans go out of the window!


Stitch & Print’s Post Flood Plan for Our Embroidered Workwear Business

So here we are, now trading from 51 High Street, Wigton, CA7 9NJ. We’re functioning again for embroidery & garment printing but we’ll no doubt not be at 100% capacity for a few weeks yet as we find out what has been washed down the river & what is still in storage waiting for a home to be found for it.

We’re hoping to get the window displays & clothes displays back in place this week – it’s hard to believe how difficult it is just not having everything to hand at present, I’d never subscribed to pre crisis management but maybe I’d change my mind now …..!

We’ve got the whole of the inside to decorate, The basement to dig out, re-floor & damp proof & the whole shop fitting experience to undertake.  Whilst we’re in there and carrying on with production, dealing with customers and juggling insurance people – it’s going to be stressful. So please …… be gentle! If it doesn’t seem you’re getting the usual level of service or speed of response please don’t take it personally. It’s only a short term blip & normal service will be resumed as soon as is possible!

We look forward to having you visit when we’ve got everything up & running again!