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Smart enough to wear with a jacket, casual enough to dress down with jeans, enough colours to kit out most sports teams & clubs in their own colours & a key part of many companies staff uniforms the polo shirts really has it covered for everyone!

Stitch & Print have a huge range of colours, Styles & fabrics to suit all requirements & with the added benefit of branding with your company or clubs logos, by either embroidery or print, you can have the image that you want at really sensible prices.

It’s commonly believed that the polo shirt came into existence in the 19th Century as a comfortable, garment for British polo players in India who struggled with the climate whilst maintaining a suitable standard of dress for the time. The standard dress shirt was adapted the to make equestrian competition more comfortable and the “Polo” shirt was born! In the late 20th century tennis players adopted the polo shirt, It allowed them to remain smart on court, allowed free movement & stopped players becoming overly hot, Now they are used all over the world for many purposes, and at Stitch & Print we have a style for everyone.

Polo shirt offers

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Our standard polo shirt comes in 21 different shades, it’s hard wearing, smart & designed to add your branding through embroidery. There’s plenty of room for business & club logos along with sponsors or trade associations as required. Popular points for decoration are both the left & right breast areas, both sleeves & the nape of the neck which all adds up to make a highly effective walking advertising board!

contrast colour polo shirt

Elite range contrast polo shirt

It doesn’t have to be all one colour. From contrasting piping to multi coloured panelled styles there’s a huge range of colour options.


As well as being ideal for work wear & staff uniforms & clothing  polo shirts make for a fantastic present for friends & relatives. We have a huge range of logos & designs, from occupational to recreational which can be personalised to make a great gift be it for birthdays, Christmas, Fathers or Mothers day!


lady fit polo in fuchsia

Lady fit polo shirt

Ladies, You might have to wear a uniform, but it doesn’t have to hang like a sack! We’ve a range of lady-fit polo shirts as well, Shorter in length & with a bit of fitting where required. The princess detail panelling gives a really smart appearance & the vented hem means they can we worn on the outside of trousers while still looking smart enough for the company image.


Lipari dri-elite polo

Amalfi dri-elite polo shirt

One of the biggest innovations in recent times has been the development of wicking & moisture management fabrics. These have been game changers for the sports wear markets where the inherent ability to reduce body core temperature & get moisture away from the body makes performance comfortable. The addition of more & more colour options gives both clubs & the individual the chance to differentiate themselves from their opponents.

Other options include both long sleeved & cap sleeved variations, traditional button collars & zip necks. It’s a huge range, take a look via our online brochure at www.stitchandprint.biz

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