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Work Outfits for Cumbria’s Workforce

work outfit pack 1: Sweatshirt, Fleece, polo shirts

Great value workwear packs. The economic solution to supplying Cumbria’s staff with clothes for work

Lots of seasonal staff are being added to your teams across the county and any of Cumbria’s businesses in this situation need a speedy solution to the annual need for work outfits. After all; however temporary the staff may be… your brand isn’t and you need to make sure that the work attire for all staff reflects your brand in the right light.

Pre-formatted staff uniform clothing and workwear outfits are an ideal way for a lot of companies – whether seasonal or new start businesses – to supply their staff with the essential clothes they need for work in the simplest way possible.  Our basic packages include a sweatshirt, a fleece and a number of polo shirts and, obviously, we can put together a combination of colours with your logo and branding in a superb value embroidered workwear package for your business.

Then, depending on whether your brand needs smart or casual work clothes; if you need to add jackets or gilets, trousers or smarter shirts, to finish off the look you are after, just let us know.

At Stitch & Print we’ve put together some of our most popular embroidered workwear packages and hammered down the price (shown here including the VAT for ease) to give you great value for money.  So your staff can look smart and professional from Day 1 without breaking the bank.

As an independent company ourselves, we’ve got total flexibility on our offers, so if what you see online isn’t quite what you’re after, it’s not a problem.  Tell us what you’d like in your bundle and we’ll put the pack together for you just the way you want.

Want them individually named for staff identification? No problem! Personalised work attire that has your brand and the staff ID can be delivered by embroidering or printing: as you prefer.

Want each pack individually bagged to make it easier to hand out to your staff? Easily done! You get the best workwear brands, packaged up any way that makes life easier for you from the friendliest and most responsive workwear supplier in the North West!

Contact us when you need staff uniforms and workwear outfits and make the most of our quality, range, service and value from the best supplier of workwear clothing online.

Bling Bling! Just add Diamantes …..

Diamante Designs: Adding Some Sparkle to Clothing Decoration

hen party T-shirt decorated with diamante

Hen party T shirt to bring added sparkle to Carlisle nightlife!

 As well as embroidery & print we also supply garments with diamante designs; Ideal for hen parties, anniversaries & birthdays diamante encrusted garments are fast becoming one of the most popular ways of glamming up your look.

Stitch & Print can make you sparkle by personalising t-shirts and various other fashion items with diamantes, If you would like to find out more, or get a quotation, you can either email or telephone 016973 43546 with the quantity and type of garment you would like us to create.

starfield design highlighted with diamanteThere are a couple of options on production techniques which we have:

Either your design is carefully created using diamante stones, which are then heat-sealed to the garment. The diamantes are even available in a variety of colours. Encrusting garments with diamantes really adds a bit of sophistication and bling to your wardrobe! But it isn’t always cheap to create your personalised look; A mould has to be created for each design so kitting out all the chicks for your hen party can be expensive!

Thankfully for the more popular designs we have a range of stock alternatives that are economical.

Alternatives and Additions to Diamante Bling for the Next Party Trip!

 The alternatives are holographic foil and Glitterflex:

queen of hearts design in glitterfoil as an alternative to diamante

Glitterflex and Holographic foils another alternative to diamante for added sparkle on Cumbrian nights out!

We use holographic foil, which is a type of transfer vinyl to replicate diamantes; It’s cut into stone shape & sized pieces & applied to the garment & the reflective nature gives a similar look to diamantes.

Glitterflex is a type of transfer vinyl that adds a lot of sparkle to your design however it doesn’t give the bright “catch the light” reflection that you get with stones or holographic foil.

Both of these decoration types add a real wow factor to your outfit and one-offs can be produced at a fraction of the cost of using diamantes, something well worth considering if you’re catering for individual designs for all the girls!

Be it diamantes, foil or glitterflex we’ve got the means to really give your party outfit the edge over the competition!

Print Production; The dye sublimation route

JS001 T shirt finished with dye sublimation printing for a permanent colour fast design

T shirt with design printed by dye sublimation technique in Cumbria

One of the processes we use for production of printed garments is dye sublimation. This process uses an ink image that is transferred by the use of heat into the fabric of the garment. Sublimation is the process of transforming the solid, dried, ink into a gas. The gas is then infused into the hollow polyester fibres of the garment where it cools and instantly solidifies to form a permanent image.

Traditionally polyester garments have been used primarily in the sports wear markets. Cricket, Rugby, Football, Basketball & Netball teams have used the sublimation route to achieve striking designs for team wear. Club badges, sponsor logos & details & numbers can be incorporated into a fabric which has ideal qualities for comfort & wear as well as visual effect.

Benefits of Dye Sublimation Printing for Garment Decoration

One of the other benefits of sublimation printing for garments is in the production of one-off & short run requirements: Because there are no screens to produce for manufacture it’s possible to take an off the shelf garment, for instance a gym or running T-Shirt or vest & add images as required very economically.

One of the traditional downsides is that garments were 100% polyester. That isn’t always a feel people want. In recent times manufacturers have started using cotton rich garments with a polyester micro coating. This gives the benefit of a cotton feel with the flexibility of sublimation printing. One of the latest is the Russel HD T – here’s a couple of points raised by them.

“There’s a myth that sublimation printing only works on 100% polyester. Not true. Our polycotton HD T is ideal for sublimation print – we’ve tested it and the results speak for themselves.”

One of the other traditional issues was the availability of colours. If you wanted white you were catered for. If you could live with a pastel shade you’d survive! But beyond that there wasn’t much to look at. Back to Russel

“There’s another myth that sublimation only works on white cloth. Not true. White might be best for colour reproduction but it’s not the only option – we offer 3 marl colours and they produce a fashionably muted, retro feel – just what a large chunk of the market demands.” 

Pros and Cons of Dye Sublimation

The issue with colour reproduction is valid; The base colour of the garment will affect the shade of colours added to the garment, White is perfect but, for instance, use a pink shirt & those clouds will be pink! Your yellows will have a peach look to them but if you want a finish which is permanent & won’t peel you’ve just found a perfect solution.

Christmas Orders & Opening hours

Christmas orders information & Christmas opening hours 2015

Christmas postage

Christmas opening hours and last order dates

It’s came around again. What is it with Christmas? It’s like clockwork, same time every year ……

As it’s that time of the year again we’re flat out producing Christmas gifts as well as trying to keep the day to day orders going out of the door. But at some point there has to be a cut-off & the doors have to close so here’s the Christmas opening hours plan ……

Last Posting date from Royal Mail on second class recorded (our standard postage method) is 18th December. So on line orders placed after the 12th are very much touch & go! If in doubt, please call first.

For larger orders using our courier, We’ll dispatch up till the 20th December, However If you are based in Cumbria we’ll be dispatching via our courier service till 22nd December for final deliveries on the 23rd December. Last order date will be  probably need to be the morning of the 18th for these. It would be safer to order earlier.

We’re available for order collection till we close for Christmas.

If in doubt, ask first.

On the subject of Christmas orders you might want to look at some of our most popular items that we produce for gift ideas: Golf polo shirts are always popular as are polo shirts for fishing. We produce a large range of equestrian hoodies as well as personalised saddle cloths. One of our most popular items for kids is a personalised hoodie with an embroidered name to the back.

Closed for Christmas

Closed for Christmas

The shop will be closed from 5pm on 23rd December through until 9am on the 5th January 2015 for annual holidays.

There will be no guaranteed monitoring of on line orders etc. during that period. Messages left via telephone will be picked up sporadically but are unlikely to get a reply unless it’s a matter of life or death; If you’ve ordered something that has not arrived then we need to know about it before we close, The industry closes down for the holidays so we won’t be able to ship replacements etc. until the New Year.


Have a great Christmas & a very happy New Year!

Personalised Robes: A Tasteful Gift For the One You Love

Looking for something a bit different as a gift? How about personalised robes? These luxurious items are ideal gifts for Christmas, Mothers Day & Fathers Day! After all we can’t leave Dad out can we? For the ladies they work really well as a fantastic accessory for that girlie pamper day you’ve got lined up for your hen party!

They’re also a perfect add on for hotels & spas! Simply add in your company logo and branding to create your unique top end look & feel.

The Stitch & Print Range of Personalised Robes

tc21kimono style personalised robes decorated and supplied by Stitch & Print

Luxurious kimono style personalised robes make a superb gift for a loved one!

TC21 Towel City Kimono Towel Robe

100% heavyweight cotton.

  • Two pockets.
  • Tie belt.
  • Hanging loop.
  • Excellent absorbency qualities.
  • White or Navy
  • 2 different sizes



Man showing off the TC22 towel city bath robe in white.TC22 Towel City Shawl Collar Towel Robe

100% heavyweight cotton.

  • Two pockets.
  • Tie belt.
  • Hanging loop.
  • Excellent absorbency qualities.
  • available in 2 sizes



tc86 waffle robe is particularly suitable for personalisation with diamante designs.TC86 Towel City Waffle Robe

65% polyester/35% cotton.

  • Lightweight fabric.
  • Kimono style robe.
  • Two patch pockets.
  • Tie front.
  • Hanging loop.

The TC86 is ideal for hen party pamper days as the fabric is suitable for decorating with diamante stones to add sparkle to your weekend with the girls!

Design your own unique personalised robes with embroidery to either the breast or the back as  your imagination sees fit. With a little help from Stitch & Print our robes will solve some of your Christmas and big occasion gift headaches!

Where To Find Us For Online Workwear Sales

There are so many channels out there for online workwear sales; It’s impossible to cover them all both financially and more importantly from the point of physically keeping them all up to date! So it’s about time we had a bit of rationalisation!

Online Workwear- A Change of Direction

We have traded on eBay for the last eight & a half years with the store “Stitch & Print” run by publicimagedesigner, Where we have succesfully qualified for both the Top Rated Seller & Power Seller programmes.

eBay identity publicimagedesigner eBay identity publicimagedesigner

8 years ago there were 2 UK based companies really active on there, But in recent years the increase in the number of hobbyist & home workers using eBay as an outlet for all manner of products – including workwear, has soared. Some popular search terms have over 300,000 products listed & maintaining visibility is nigh on impossible.

eBay feedback for our online workwear transactions from our old eBay shop

eBay feedback screenshot demonstrating our commitment to a high quality online buying experience for our Cumbria, North West, Borders and wider UK customers.

We’ve always been about service & quality – Over 4000 transactions (1714 actual feedback reports) with 100% positive based on quality, Accurate descriptions, dispatch time & communication; With us you get what you’re expecting, When you’re expecting it!

Making Sure Our Online Workwear Service Keeps its Quality For Our Valued Customers

But unfortunately the cost of running both our own site, Where we can show you in more detail what you can produce, Where you can design your own decoration, along side the restrictive eBay store listing format isn’t sustainable. So we’ve made the decision – We’ll be running down the listings we have on eBay & be replacing them with a lot wider range of properly set up online workwear designs & part designed garments on our own site via Update Feb 2016 our online workwear shop can be found at

The BIG benefit is that quantity discounts are built in to that channel, Buy more, Save more!

Buyer Benefits From Our Newly Configured Online Shop

If you’re an existing customer we can pre load your design onto the system so you can add it to any garment we have listed & make your purchase there & then. Previous purchases then save as layouts for you to re-pick when you need a new batch making everything a lot simpler. If you’d like to give it a go then call us & we’ll load your logo on there straight away.

Want to give our new online workwear system a go? Then to help you on your way use code WELCOME10 at checkout & you’ll receive a 10% discount on your purchases, valid up till 30th September 2013.