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Brexit, Exchange Rates & the shirt on your back

So how does the recent UK referendum on European Union membership get to affect the cost of the workwear you buy? We take a look at the effects of Brexit.

Exchange Rate

The £ the € & the $ all affect the price of goods in the global economy, Brexit affects that balance

Now we don’t want to get in to a deep political view here, but there will be things that happen in coming months that will affect you & the money you spend on work clothing. The British Pound has fallen to a 30 plus year low versus the US Dollar & much of the worlds garment production & buying is based on that International Currency. In short terms, It’s going to be more expensive to import clothing to the UK & as such prices will rise. At present the exchange rate has fallen by over 7.5% so a mid-year price increase is going to happen! We’ve already started to see warnings from major suppliers:

“Due to the recent results of the EU Referendum and the UK leaving the European Union, there have been a number of fluctuations in exchange rates, and consequently this will mean a number of price adjustments from brands across our marketplace in the coming months.”

Some products are bought at fixed prices, well in advance, so it’s not likely to be every product, or even every brand that has an immediate increase, but our view at present would have to be that by the end of the year it’s going to be an across the board increase in every sector of the workwear, staff uniform & promotional clothing industry.

The UK promotional clothing industry, like many low cost industries, is also seeing the pressure of rising costs in wages, Where the underlying National Living Wage is rising quickly, along with an increased employers National Insurance Contribution. These are combining to push the cost of production up considerably. To put this in some kind of context, Adding the two together & production costs from workforce labour will have a possible increase in the order of 35% over the next four years.

So in summary: We see prices rising from now through in 2017 from a product point, and through 2020 from a production point. Our advice is, If your staff uniform needs replaced, now is a good time to do some buying as it’s only going to get more expensive.

What you gonna do when the rain floods down?

floods at Stitch & Print

We’re flooded

What you gonna do when the rain comes down ….? We’ve been affected by the recent floods

Well for a change we’re not talking water-proofs, rain jackets or even sou’westers :- Not a clothing advert in sight, we’re talking floods!

Saturday 18th saw ridiculous amounts of rain fall in a short time & as a consequence we found ourselves under water. Now by “ridiculous amounts” I’m talking a river that rose by 8 to 9 feet with the final 3 foot that burst the banks & flooded the estate in an hour!

Floods Interrupt Flow of Workwear Embroidery to Our Customers

The downside is that the last 2 weeks have been a bit of a nightmare; We’ve had to bin & re-do thousands of pounds worth of customer orders – Thank you to everyone for their patience & understanding.

We’ve relocated to new premises: 51 High Street, Wigton, Cumbria, CA7 9NJ however the phone numbers all stay the same & you can reach us via the website as normal. Thankfully we’re now back in production, but only at a reduced level however it’s likely we’ll have no shop display for at least 3 weeks.

Still, the good news is we’re still in business!