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Beanie hats; Promote your business via happy customers

Beanie hats; Let your customers advertise for you

Beanie hats

Get ahead, get a beanie!

Get ahead and get a hat!

Have you ever wished you’d had a freebie? (c’mon everyone loves a freebie!), Ever seen someone walking down the road with a promotional hat on? Ever wanted to get your name out there just a little bit more? Ever wondered why you spent that money on a press advert? Have you ever felt cold?

contrast edged beanie hat in acrylic knitted with contrasting off white edge, worn by young woman.

A knitted acrylic contrast edged beanie hat

We have all of these issues raised every single year. Customers wanting hats for their staff uniform & workwear (no ones at their best in the cold!). Customers wondering what to give their customers as promotional thank you’s on a budget. Customers just wanting to promote their business cost effectively.

We’ve a wide range of fleece and knitted beanie hats and as the first Autumn storm starts to hit the country it’s time to start knocking them out of the door. As we do our embroidery in house we have complete flexibility on quantity, If you want half a dozen for your own staff or a couple of hundred as promotional gifts we’re doing them on the premises so you’re guaranteed the right price, right service & right quality!

The science of the Beanie Hat and promotion!

Young man wearing single colour, cuffed beanie hat, double knitted in acrylic. Navy blue.

Single colour, cuffed, double knitted, acrylic beanie in navy

Lets face it, We’re not in the tropics up here…….. So the chances are that you’re going to see people wearing hats just about every day for the next six months! Every one of those people you see will be seen by another couple of hundred people while they’re walking around town, Visiting the supermarket, Picking up a sandwich during the day – each & every day! A thousand views per week, for six months – that’s a massive reach for your advertising budget!

Imagine you do 144 of them, x 1000 views per week, x 20 weeks (we’ll allow them holidays) – that’s 2.88 million impressions for your brand – for under £500. Ask yourself one question – can you afford not to have 100 happy customers advertising your business for you at that price?

Call us, We’ll help you get ahead with a beanie…………. Whether you need a dozen, fifty, a hundred & a thousand, We’re your perfect partner for promotional hats!

great value beanies


Beanie hats; Part of the perfect winter workwear package

Get ahead and get a hat!

When people think embroidered workwear hats, they tend to think of fast food places and baseball caps but, especially for the climate across the North of England, there’s a much better alternative and that’s the beanie hat.

contrast edged beanie hat in acrylic knitted with contrasting off white edge, worn by young woman.

A knitted acrylic contrast edged beanie hat

“We’ve been selling fleece and knitted beanie variations from the day we opened” says Richard Mattinson of Cumbria based Stitch & Print, “and they’re really popular.  We sold well over 5,000 of them last year and I anticipate even more demand this coming winter.  They’re a really simple addition to a workwear package, they’re practical and easy to carry around for when they’re needed and, more to the point, they’re warm!”

It always used to be said that people lost most heat through their heads in cold weather but recent research has shown that it’s a bit more complicated than that.

The Biology of the Beanie Hat and Heat Loss!

Young man wearing single colour, cuffed beanie hat, double knitted in acrylic. Navy blue.

Single colour, cuffed, double knitted, acrylic beanie in navy

In fact, we lose about 10% of our warmth through our heads – which is roughly what you’d expect given the surface area of our scalps.  But, before you throw away those woolly (or fleecy) hats, there’s still research to support the benefits of a beanie: when the head is allowed to get cold and the body is effectively insulated, the body’s core temperature drops a lot more rapidly than most people expect.  This is because the scalp contains lots of blood vessels and they’re close to the surface on your head.  So, even if you’re dressed warmly on a cold day, without a hat, the blood flowing around your head will cool and then return to the body, reducing your core temperature and making you feel cold.

beanie hat offer: Create stylish embroidered beanies for your staff to keep them warm.

promotional embroidered beanie hat offer

Last Thoughts on Winter Headwear

“Our beanies seem to be most popular with haulage firms, builders and agricultural merchants,” says Richard. “There’s an obvious use for outdoor workwear, but they also buy them as gifts and giveaways for their customers.  I’m not sure how much difference the amount of hair makes to heat loss but I can’t help thinking that our embroidered beanies make an even bigger difference when your staff or your customers need an extra bit of protection to the top of the head!” And with the proximity of the Lake District National Park – you can bet your beanie hat that plenty of heads will be bobbing around the Lakeland fells in winter wearing your brand!

Teddy Bears have an army? #TeddycottaArmy


Here’s part of our #teddycottaArmy

If you go down in the woods ……… Well you might be surprised after all!

Apart from the usual range of leavers hoodies we supply for schools & colleges we get to do some more unusual things for nurseries & primary schools as well as promotional items for business. Here’s part of a batch of 350 Teddy Bears we’re doing for a school anniversary.

Each of the Teddy Bears will be dressed in a hoodie with the school anniversary logo printed to the chest & presented to each child as a keep sake.

So if you’re wandering around the woods on the shores of the Lake District keep a watch out ….. there’s a #TeddycottaArmy on the loose!

Stitch & Print


Promotional Soft Toys for Marketing Cumbria Businesses

We don’t just supply workwear & clothing you know. At Stitch & Print we pride ourselves on being able to customise a huge range of promotional material, objects and products. As part of this we even stock a range of gorgeous promotional soft toys that can be printed or embroidered for business use or personalised gifts. The full range of promotional soft toys, bears and other items is available in our web brochure.

If you would like to find out more about how the soft toys can be customised, or would like an instant quote, either call us at our Cumbria shop or use the contact form from our website.

The First Teddy Bear

MM24 promotional teddy bear: Roosevelt's Marketing Legacy

Supersized Teddy Bear. Classic Promotional Soft Toys

Teddy bears are named after former US president Theodore Rosevelt who had the nickname Teddy. On a bear-hunting trip in 1902 Roosevelt refused to shoot a bear, declaring it unsportsmanlike. This was widely publicised in the papers and the incident was the topic of a political cartoon in The Washington Post.

Morris Michtom saw the cartoon and was inspired to create a little stuffed bear cub, initially called ‘Teddy’s Bear’ and put it in his shop window after getting permission to do so of Roosevelt. The idea took off and the Teddy bear was born!

Promotional Soft Toys For Everyone!

Mm13 a range of promotional soft toys

Soft toys in various styles

Stitch & Print can customise over 25 different soft toys for promotional purposes, with many different sizes, animals, and colours to choose from. Mumbles produce a range of 34cm high animals including Daisy Cow – with pink furry ears and soft brown horns.

The range also includes Ellie Elephant – with soft large ears and a curly trunk, and Rufus Dog with floppy ears and matching button nose and paws.

Teddies with hoodies that can be embroidered or printed with your desired text or badges are available in medium and large sizes and small keyring bears can even be customised.

Soft toys designed for children all comply fully with EN71 European Toy Safety Regulations, putting your mind at ease. High visibility vested teddies, capped elephants and dogs with bandanas can all be customised, and they would make the perfect mascot for your sports team or work place!

MM19 A different style of soft toy for a gift!

MM19 childs lamb comforter

Our soft toys are supplied by Mumbles, experts in the promotional soft toys industry who comply fully with all safety standards who have years of experience in producing soft toys that are ideal for embroidery and printing.

So whether it’s a batch of soft toys as promotional give-aways or a personalised gift for a new born baby we’ve got a range of items to ensure you get what you’re looking for.

Show Your Stitch & Print T-Shirt: Win a Bottle of Champagne!

Hen Night? Stag Night? Holiday? If we’ve supplied the T-Shirt for your big 2014 event all you need to do for a chance to WIN A BOTTLE OF CHAMPAGNE (or a crate of beer for the boys!) is post a picture of your group in their T-shirts & tag Stitch & Print in your Social Media post – We’ll repost it (modesty allowing!) & you’ll be in the draw!

drunken hen soc

How to Win the T-Shirt Prize

That’s right, We’re wanting to give away Champagne or beer in return for a photo of your group trip wearing the T-shirt Stitch & Print provided for you.

All you need to do is tag Stitch & Print into a post with a photo of your gang’s T-shirt on your preferred social media channel & we’ll put your name in the hat. Have a great trip & see if you’re lucky enough to win a prize!

Entries will be open through any of our facebook, Twitter & Google+ channels

Enjoy the party!

Print Gifts: Garment Printers & Beyond!

Stitch & Print have an array of techniques for creating print gifts & garment decoration. We are continually looking at the latest printing processes, allowing production of personalised one-off designs as well as larger orders on a range of clothing and other items. But it doesn’t stop there; find out a bit more about garment decoration as well as promotional products & personalised gifts.

personalised iPad case is common print gift idea

Personalised iPad case is a recent addition to the print gifts range

Print Gifts Design: The Standards And The Creative!

We have thousands of stock designs you can choose to use in our online designer via the website; Choose your design, add your personalised text & you have your item! But what if you want to use your own pictures? No problem, Our designer is linked directly to Facebook & Instagram so you can upload your pictures straight from there!

If you’re using artwork software yourself you can upload your own designs for production. If you’d like to sell your print gift designs via your own web-store then we can set up your own site for you where we will do your production for you.

Cost effectiveness is important, Prices vary depending on the colours and size of the print design & the number of garments required, We can advise you on the best process for your requirements, but lets look at some of the basics;

Gift printing Techniques

Screen-printing allows full colour designs to be produced onto a wide range of garments. It’s a versatile garment print process where Inks are applied straight to the clothing, making the process suitable for both dark and light coloured fabrics. This process is very economical for larger quantities of fifty or more garments, rather than small runs, due to the high set up costs involved.

Direct to garment printing (DTG) also involves using full colour prints directly on to the garment & is also suitable for light and dark coloured fabrics. The process is similar to screen printing, but the coloured inks are mixed during the process via a print head. DTG printing is very flexible & can allow for just one print of a design. This process is slightly more expensive but one-off prints are more economical as a result of lower set-up costs.

Transfer printing involves production by applying ink to a transfer before then applying it to the garment. This process is suitable for both one-off prints & larger runs. It’s very economical for full colour one-off prints and small batches, the only downside being a ‘patch’ style print.

The development and use of this dye transfer technology allows decoration of a range of products other than the traditional clothing range! The non garment print gift family now includes: Boots, Flags, Jeans, Umbrellas, Phone cases ….. It’s a growing list!

Lets take a look at some details:

Transfer printing (white garments) full colour designs are transferred to transfer sheets that are then applied to the garment. It’s a very light transfer using a surface film that is very flexible. The only side-effect of using this process is that the clear areas within the design are  prone to darkening over time.

Transfer printing (dark garments) full colour transfers are produced by printing onto the surface of a lightweight vinyl which is then applied to the garment. This gives a heavier feel to the transfer on light garments like T-Shirts but is a great way of producing one-off items.

Transfer Vinyl printing is the most common style of one-off garment production. traditionally a single colour vinyl is precisely cut to the desired shape or font and then heat-sealed to the garment. However the production of fashion style media like leopard & zebra print, graffiti style & textured vinyls has lifted things to a new level. Heat-sealing is suitable for most fabrics. Transfer vinyl printing is great for party tops and high-visibility work wear. The advantages of transfer vinyl printing are that it is a durable and hard-wearing form of customising a garment, as well as being very economical. However it isn’t as ‘fashion friendly’ as some of the other printing processes listed above.

gift prints: personalised iPhone cover with memorable images of painted face and baby

personalised iPhone cover

We also use transfer printing for umbrellas, mouse mats, personalised book covers & phone cases  giving you the opportunity to produce perfect personalised print gifts.




Gift print mugs are probably the original memorable giveaway!

personalised mugs printed via dye sublimation.

Sublimation printing is a process where the design is printed then heated. The inks migrate onto the surface of the item where it re-solidifies to form a permanent print. It’s a process suitable for white & pastel shades of suitable garments as well as mugs – It’s very cost effective in the production of one-off items.