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Leavers Hoodies


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Leavers hoodies

It’s that time of the year again ……. You’re meant to be studying hard for exams, getting the revision done, planning your future. But somewhere in there is a celebration on your time at school (or college) & the friends you’ll leave behind.

Once upon a time you had a class photo, now it’s year books & the biggest momento of all, the leavers hoodie! At Stitch & Print we have a massive range of hoodies, zoodies (zip up hoodies), college style jackets to suit everyones needs:

JH003 lime hoodie

JH003 hoodie in Lime & Purple


Hoodies in over 70 colours! Either single colour, with contrasted hood linings & toggles or with contrast panelling, neon shades & heather shades – the choice is massive.




JH053 Zoodie in sapphire

Zoodies in over 30 colours as well as a range of contrast styles & now available in contrasting panel styles as well!




Varsity Jacket in purple

JH043 Varsity Jacket

New for this year is the retro American styled College & Varsity jackets which add a new dimension to the leavers options.




Decorate it how you want: We’ve done loads of different options: Embroidered school badge or name to the front, Printed school name across the chest. Individual name embroidered to the chest. ¬†On the backs we’ve had individual names embroidered & printed, Leavers, Class Of, The year printed in various styles including making the number up of the students names. Names & School Names or leavers printed to sleeves, It’s only your imagination that’s stopping it happening!

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