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Beanie hats; Part of the perfect winter workwear package

Get ahead and get a hat!

When people think embroidered workwear hats, they tend to think of fast food places and baseball caps but, especially for the climate across the North of England, there’s a much better alternative and that’s the beanie hat.

contrast edged beanie hat in acrylic knitted with contrasting off white edge, worn by young woman.

A knitted acrylic contrast edged beanie hat

“We’ve been selling fleece and knitted beanie variations from the day we opened” says Richard Mattinson of Cumbria based Stitch & Print, “and they’re really popular.  We sold well over 5,000 of them last year and I anticipate even more demand this coming winter.  They’re a really simple addition to a workwear package, they’re practical and easy to carry around for when they’re needed and, more to the point, they’re warm!”

It always used to be said that people lost most heat through their heads in cold weather but recent research has shown that it’s a bit more complicated than that.

The Biology of the Beanie Hat and Heat Loss!

Young man wearing single colour, cuffed beanie hat, double knitted in acrylic. Navy blue.

Single colour, cuffed, double knitted, acrylic beanie in navy

In fact, we lose about 10% of our warmth through our heads – which is roughly what you’d expect given the surface area of our scalps.  But, before you throw away those woolly (or fleecy) hats, there’s still research to support the benefits of a beanie: when the head is allowed to get cold and the body is effectively insulated, the body’s core temperature drops a lot more rapidly than most people expect.  This is because the scalp contains lots of blood vessels and they’re close to the surface on your head.  So, even if you’re dressed warmly on a cold day, without a hat, the blood flowing around your head will cool and then return to the body, reducing your core temperature and making you feel cold.

beanie hat offer: Create stylish embroidered beanies for your staff to keep them warm.

promotional embroidered beanie hat offer

Last Thoughts on Winter Headwear

“Our beanies seem to be most popular with haulage firms, builders and agricultural merchants,” says Richard. “There’s an obvious use for outdoor workwear, but they also buy them as gifts and giveaways for their customers.  I’m not sure how much difference the amount of hair makes to heat loss but I can’t help thinking that our embroidered beanies make an even bigger difference when your staff or your customers need an extra bit of protection to the top of the head!” And with the proximity of the Lake District National Park – you can bet your beanie hat that plenty of heads will be bobbing around the Lakeland fells in winter wearing your brand!

Beanie hats

As winter starts to bite one of our most popular product ranges becomes embroidered hats. Be it a more traditional cuffed beanie hat style, or the increasingly popular plain beanie there’s always big demand once we get in to December.

As well as the everyday workwear usage as part of a companies workwear or staff uniform there’s been an increasing move to supplying them as a promotional gift and we thought we’d better give you some good reasons why they’re so effective.

beanie hats offer

promotional beanie hat offer

bb45 cuffed beanie

BB45 cuffed beanie in navy

Christmas Promotions: Traditionally there’s always been customer gifts / promotional items around Christmas time and the old favourites used to be Calenders & desk diaries. But honestly? How many do you need? How many do you want? How many do you get? How many trees …….. (you get the idea).  If you’re spending your marketing budget for promotion on these items  You might have THE best calender for next year, you might have the best desk diary and it might be yours that the customer decides to hang on the office wall or have on the desk. They’re happy and if you see it in use you’re happy. But what happens to the others (which might include yours) that get handed to friends, relatives or the recycling bin? So lets think of doing something a little different to keep your name out there and get you a return on your investment.

BB46 beanie

BB44C beanie

Making your promotional gift work: Lets be honest, EVERYONE loves a freebie! It doesn’t have to be worth a fortune, it doesn’t even need to be in line with that customers spend with you. But everyone likes the idea of getting something for nothing or a little show of appreciation for the business they’ve sent your way. For the price of a calender or diary you can give your customer something that they’ll have a real use for and it won’t be competing for wall or desk space with 20 other suppliers usual gifts.

But there’s an even better reason to consider beanie hats as your chosen Christmas Promotional Give-away ….. You give it away, it’s working for you, but it’s REALLY working for you every time it’s worn. It’s a walking advert for your business, Whenever that customer goes to the shops, goes on to site, in to another business premises or to the match that weekend every person they see or talk to has your logo in front of them. Free walking advertising, What price do you put on that?